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Coaching of top management personnel is meant to accelerate an executive's business results and effectiveness as a leader.

In today's competitive marketplace executives are put under the microscope everyday. Not only are they asked to provide strategic direction for the company's operations, but they must also meet the expectations of external sources from stockholders to Wall Street to Private Fund providers. These individuals are often very good at the “technical” aspects of their business but often not good at dealing with the personal aspects of people.

An Executive Coach is not only a mentor to the executive, but also that person's confidant and cheerleader. In many instances, a top level executive does not have any one to turn to when they need to discuss ideas or "vent". The executives coach can give them the time they need to talk through issues, often times providing another way to see things.

With more than 75 years of management experience, the RLR team can provide professional assistance to top executives in the areas of personal evaluation, team building, financial analysis and many other issues required.

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