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Why Executive Search?

The retained search process provides clients with highly motivated, successful prospects, people who can take your company to the next level.

It is a professional and confidential approach to identifying the most successful individuals, generally people who are busy and satisfied in their current positions but who through a professional approach will listen and consider opportunities they would not normally know about or think of considering. The process is systematic, selective, professional and a highly personal approach.

RLR's Eight Step Process
  1. Defining the position - Through meetings with the client, the RLR consultant will develop a position specification outlining the parameters of the position and an understanding of what type of individual will fit in the job.
  2. Researching the market - Identifying specific individual who will be either sources or prospective candidates.
  3. Personal contact - Consultant contact with sources and prospective candidates (initially via telephone).
  4. Prospective candidate screening - Fact to face meeting with prospective candidates to eliminate persons that do not fit the position or company culture.
  5. Detailed candidate profile - Written information provided to client on qualified candidates. Includes detailed profile, resume, and RLR evaluation of each person presented for consideration.
  6. Client interviews - Setting up and participating in interviews of prospective candidates with the client.
  7. Reference Investigations - Consultant conversations with individuals who have knowledge of the prospective candidate and their capabilities.
  8. Negotiations - Acting as intermediary on compensation package and other specific details when an offer is ready to be made to a candidate.
RLR's Keys to Success
  1. Seasoned Consultants
  2. Detailed research of the marketplace
  3. Timely and informative progress
  4. Detailed write-ups on candidates that provides meaningful, in-depth information on their capabilities
  5. Reasonable Fees
Areas of Expertise

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