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There are times when companies find that they must make tough personnel decisions, decisions that affect the livelihood of good people, people who have excellent credentials.

Doing the "right thing" enables the company to provide these people with professional assistance as they prepare for their next career endeavor.

Through it's seasoned consulting staff, The RLR Group can tailor a program to assist these individuals in their quest for a new opportunity.

The RLR Group has programs for Individuals as well as Groups. Sessions can be tailored to provide (1) Basic job search skills, or (2) More comprehensive development of job search methods. The consultant guides the employer through the proper approach of "letting an employee go” and then develops a tailored program to assist the employee through this difficult time, providing input on how to go about finding their next career opportunity.

Either approach provides a "win-win" situation for not only the employee, but also the employer.

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